Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday Highlights

I’m sending you over to BaltSun/HoCo Times today for this article which hits all the right Village Green/Town² notes:

Author’s Jamaican roots find fertile ground in Columbia by Janene Holzberg

It contains early Columbia history, Rouse’s vision, a mention of Oakland Mills, an upcoming event at the library, and nods to education and diversity.

As Rowe began making friends from all races and cultures at school — after never before interacting with anyone outside his race — “that’s when [the power of] diversity hit me,” he said.

Worth the read.

There’s a candidate forum tomorrow at St. John Baptist Church.

However, if the weather gets crazy there may be changes, so check the AACHC website for updates tomorrow.

Finally, my Facebook memories informed me that today is the anniversary of of the date in 2011 when I met both Tom Coale of HoCoRising and David Greisman of Columbia Patch at a HoCo Blogs party at the Stained Glass Pub in Elkridge. Neither one of these gentleman is doing the same thing they were doing in 2011. Mr. Coale is now a podcaster and Mr. Greisman is Senior Manager, Media Relations and Communications at Columbia Association.
Back then I went to the party as a blog reader. It was at this particular party that David Greisman convinced me to become a blogger. I wonder where we will all be in another seven years?

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