Saturday, April 7, 2018


In reviewing my posts over time, many seem to fall into the following categories:

Things I love
Things I’m angry about
Do something!
Stuff you need to know

So, I’m putting this one out there to you all today. I’m asking you to tell me your local Columbia/Howard County items. Specifically, I want to know:

Thing you love
Thing you’re angry about
Your top local action item
Something local you think I need to know

My list for today:

1. The Oakland Mills Village Center on a Friday evening
2. Why is Grace’s Law 2.0 still stuck in Committee with time running out in this session?
3. You can nominate Oakland Mills Middke School for a Verizon Innovative Learning Grant!
4. Local podcast Elevate Maryland is celebrating their one-year “pod-a-versary.”

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