Saturday, April 28, 2018


Every truly interesting life has a Columbia connection.

Well, probably not, but I can be forgiven for coming to this conclusion after reading yet another fascinating obituary in the Baltimore Sun. Take a moment to read about the late George Barrick.

Teacher, artist, actor, founder of community groups, active in his church, serving his country in the Navy, and more. Reading about Mr. Barrick makes me feel that I am just not doing enough to make this world a better place. His story is the story of someone who joins, creates, and fosters community. It must have been a joy to be in any of the circles he frequented during his life.

The Columbia connection, you ask?

He retired from the school system nearly 30 years ago. He then opened a commercial graphic arts business, Emphasis Enterprises in Columbia. ”You only have once to make a first impression” was his firm’s motto.

Long time BaltSun writer Jacques Kelly covers all the major themes and also manages to deftly weave in the lovely details that make this piece shine.

I don’t always read the obituaries, but, when I do, they always lead me right back to Columbia and Howard County.

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