Sunday, April 29, 2018

No Filter

As I was scrolling through social media yesterday this photo from Mount Holyoke College caught my eye. (Yes, I’m a graduate.)

Something about that color...

I continue to see comments about the garish, even downright ugly color of the Chrysalis.


Can we just lay that to rest now? It’s not a “Disney Land” color nor a Dr. Seuss color. It’s a color which clearly comes from nature.

Yesterday the Chrysalis hosted the very first Jazz in the Woods featuring high school and middle  school musicians. Merriweather Park in Symphony Woods was filled with the sounds of jazz, on a beautiful Spring day, in very the center of Columbia.

Nature’s first green is gold,
Its hardest hue to hold. (Robert Frost)

That first green of Spring is bright, and sharp, and almost startling against the dull background on Winter’s sameness. It’s a vibrant green that tells us that good things are coming: flowers, vegetable gardens, outdoor parties and picnics.

Something’s alive in Symphony Woods. I think it’s great to have something big, bold, bright in the middle of town to remind us how important it is to come alive, and to stay alive,

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