Thursday, April 19, 2018

On Location

Live from my place of business, it’s Village Green/Town²! I rolled in to work at 5:07 after dropping my daughter off for the choir trip to Boston at 4:40 am. Actually, it was closer to 4:30. She’s a musician, she likes to be early. It made no sense for me to go back home.

Today seemed like a good day to try that gratitude thing (yawn!) so let’s have a little Thankful Thursday, shall we?

Today I’m thankful for:

  • The reliable alarm on my iPad that woke me up on time.
  • The 7-11 in Ashton that is open 24/7 and had fresh coffee available.
  • My digital edition of the Columbia Flyer that shows up in my inbox at five am.
  • Coffee. Did I mention coffee?
  • Nina Basu and the Inner Arbor Trust for putting together an amazing team for summer programming at the Chrysalis. (More on that tomorrow)
  • All the hardworking members of my Village who are working on the Oakland Mills 50th Birthday celebration.
  • The River Hill Guitar Ensemble and their Director Richard McCready for offering their annual free Guitarpalooza concert tonight at 7 pm at RHHS. The most fun you can have at school!
  • All the folks who participated in my Testimonial post for Cindy Vaillancourt and those who offered supportive comments.
  • Sunny Spring weather and extra time on the playground.
  • “My new Raise the Roof!” Merriweather t-shirt from the Downtown Arts and Culture Commission. So cool,
I will attempt to remain thankful for the rest of the day. When we turn out the lights at rest time, though, I may be in trouble..,

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