Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Own a Piece of the Tree figure?

A Maryland company can make it happen. Take a look here.

The concept is aimed towards people. Who wouldn’t want a statue of themselves? But I’m thinking it would be fun to have one of Columbia’s People Tree. I’d buy one. Wouldn’t you? Everyone loves the iconic symbol for the New American City.

I’m not sure we all agree on what it means, but that’s another story altogether.

My imagination is running wild with the thought of commissioning the entire Lakefront collection: The Bell Tower, The Hug, The Rouse Brothers, that red thing over by Whole Foods...Am I forgetting anything? They’d make lovely local souvenirs or maybe a great educational playset.

Of course, the People Tree doesn’t belong to Columbia; it’s an advertising symbol owned by the Howard Hughes Corporation. But it seems to me they might be open to the idea if it bolstered their brand. Yet somehow I feel that corporate use of this idea would look more like honoring multimillion-dollar investments with a People Tree statue commemorative gift. You know, kind of like those tote bags that public radio gives, but for developers.

I’m thinking of something a bit different, just a bit of fun for Lakefront lovers.

What (or who) would be your choice for a 3D recreation?

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